Discount Dental Plans

Save 30-50% on your dental care
expenses with a Discount Dental plan.
No waiting periods or annual benefit limits!

Discount dental plans.

"Stand Alone" Dental Plans

Stand alone dental plans are available to anyone looking for an individual or family dental insurance.
Stand alone dental plans.

Dental with Health Insurance

These dental plans may be added as an optional benefit when you purchase health insurance from one of these carriers.
Dental plans available with health plans.
Dental Plans

Georgia Individual Dental Insurance

Compare rates and benefits for Georgia's best individual and family dental insurance!

There are two different types of dental coverage - dental insurance and discount dental plans. With dental insurance the insurance company will pay your dental claims according to the benefit schedule, while discount dental plans provide significant savings when you receive your dental care from a participating dentist or dental facility.

In Georgia, dental insurance policies are available as an optional benefit when you purchase a health insurance policy, or you can purchase "stand alone" dental insurance that is available to anyone.

To research dental insurance benefits and rates click on one of the dental insurance types listed below.

Discount Dental Plans in Georgia

Dental Review: Humana One offers a great dental discount policy with a good dental provider list. Discounts provided for
in-network dental specialists. No waiting periods, claims to file or annual maximums. Dental benefits include a 10 office visit co payment which applies for each visit. Discounts provided are generally very good.
Insurance Rates: 1 member: $16.00, 2 : $26.62, 3 : $35.73, 4 : $44.67, 5+ members: $52.95 plus one time $35 enrollment fee
Additional Info: Humana One C550 Dental Providers
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details icon Policy Details: Prepaid C550 Plan
A+ Highly Recommended
Humana One PrePaid C550 Discount Dental
Dental Review: A very affordable discount dental policy with affordable member costs for dental services.
Not a dental insurance policy, rather you pay the discounted fees listed in the fee schedule.
Discounts provided are generally very good.
Insurance Rates: Dental rates and renewal premiums are very affordable.
Additional Info: Careington Dental Network
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details icon Policy Details: Carrington 500 Series
A Highly Recommended
Carrington 500 Series Discount Dental
Dental Review: Multiple Discount Dental plans from quality companies such as Aetna, Signature Wellness and Prefferred Network Access by Cigna. Click on the "View Sample Savings" to see member cost differences. You can
also use the "Dentist Lookup" to find out which dentists in your area participate in the plans available.
Insurance Rates: Dental rates vary from $78 - $145 for individuals or $130 - $200 annually for families.
Additional Info: Discount Dental plan premiums are typically very stable with no big renewal increases.
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details icon Policy Details: Discount Dental Plans
A Highly Recommended
Multiple Discount Dental Plans